The Subject

We can always talk about a subject. But then sometimes we talk about the subject. For philosophers the subject is very important, and so it’s generally assumed every time someone starts talking about philosophy. Sometimes, though, I wonder if philosophers are a little loose in using terms, and then assume that philosophy is getting anywhere … Continue reading The Subject

From concepts to Kierkegaard: a reply

A reply to preliminary-comments-on-the-existence-of-concepts First, a delineation. The idea that philosophy must be about finding or asserting what is more true of a situation is but one manner of philosophy. So the issue, really, for the existence of concepts, in answering the question of their existence, one should first address: what is being attempted in answering … Continue reading From concepts to Kierkegaard: a reply

On Unicorns

There is an old philosophical methodological trope which says that everything has to do with meaning. Basically, this methodological trope says that I am allowed to ask you what you mean by any statement or term, and that this method constitutes philosophy as it only and must be at all times and everywhere. Basically, to … Continue reading On Unicorns

Do you have any prior convictions?

I don't mean jail terms. I mean what are your influences? Being Chinese, Asian culture influences informs my thinking. So does Buddhism, particularly Zen Buddhism. But not before Christianity (this is one is a negative influence). I am also informed by postmodernism, deconstruction, Derrida, Wittgenstein, Kant, corpus and cognitive linguistics. I am sure I have … Continue reading Do you have any prior convictions?