prior convictions is a philosophy diablogue maintained by signature103. A diablogue (a portmanteau of dialogue and blog) is a conversation using a multi-contributor blog format. The idea of the diablogue came about when I had found having long conversations in the comments section of posts were getting out-of-hand, unmanageable and unsustainable. This was my solution. We are, I believe, in a promising experiment of social media.

Contributors or diabloguers have full control and responsibility of their own posts, and can post at anytime without administrator intervention. A diabloguer can leave the community at anytime.

Here are some guidelines for building a fair, safe and hospitable environment.


  1. All authors (diabloguers) are responsible for their own content without administrator interference.
  2. There is no posting schedule.
  3. Begin in the post title with “Reply:” when a post is a reply to someone else’s post. (Please refrain from using comments for dialogue.) 
  4. Diabloguers can leave at anytime.
  5. All posts are to adhere to a “once posted, no editing” policy. If you cannot be responsible for what you write (just like what you say) then will fail to be sincere and genuine.
  6. The administrator reserves the right to remove any post which is offensive, irrelevant and/or not following the general principles of 
  1. honesty, 
  2. transparency, 
  3. responsibility, 
  4. integrity, 
  5. accountability, 
  6. trust and trustworthiness, 
  7. civility 

and the Golden Rule of do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.

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